High satisfaction with MBA programmes at Düsseldorf Business School


Alumni survey confirms that the MBA improves expertise and soft skills as well as career opportunities on the labour market

As the result of a comprehensive survey, alumni and current students of Düsseldorf Business School have expressed a high degree of satisfaction with their studies at the DBS. They consider the MBA to be an essential contribution to their professional career. In particular, in-depth specialist knowledge, improved management skills and aspects of personal development are cited as the driving forces for taking up this further education, part-time study programme. These expectations are fully met. The location, curriculum, study times, as well as scientific quality and the high practical relevance speak in particular in favour of studying on the campus of the Heinrich Heine University. Good study organisation is confirmed; the interviewees see potential for improvement in the area of IT support for studies which are conducted in class.

Düsseldorf Business School operates a quality management system which not only builds on the regular evaluation of courses and the integration of professional practice in the further development of course content and formats, but also includes alumni surveys. Thus, in early summer 2020, the nearly 400 alumni and current students were sent a questionnaire which not only revealed the satisfaction and contribution of the MBA to their professional development, but also questions about the organisation of the studies and the curriculum. The gratifying response from 85 participants allows detailed conclusions to be drawn for the further development of the MBA programmes “General Management” German / English, allowing the direct feedback from the alumni to be used constructively.


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