MBA courses

Part-time MBA master courses for executives

Our MBA courses provide you with indispensable skills for management or leadership positions in the fields of accounting, marketing, controlling, time management, business law, tax law, and human resources strategies. The MBA courses are divided into four study sections, containing a total of eight compulsory modules (16 compulsory courses) and one elective module (two optional courses).

The total duration of the programme is 21 months. Important note: The MBA “General Management” is a part-time programme and can be completed in English or German language. In order to affect your professional activities as little as possible, lectures take place on Fridays between 6:15 pm and 9:30 pm and on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, whereby the school holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia are academic holidays.

MBA courses with a wide range of study objectives

The MBA courses pursue broadly diversified study objectives. Participants can optimize their economic knowledge, economically shaped ability to think and act as well as business and management skills. With the elective modules in sections three and four, the course content can be individualized to a certain extent, as each module contains various optional MBA courses. Thus, in addition to the skills already mentioned, participants also gain expertise in information management, creativity, team work, cultural diversity as well as social media handling. The MBA courses provide a balanced mix of theory and practice.

Master of Business Administration (MBA): accredited FIBAA programme

The MBA degree will be awarded by Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf after the successful completion of all compulsory courses and a Master’s Thesis, as the MBA programme at Düsseldorf Business School is closely linked to the university’s Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

In addition, the MBA courses are supported by well-known companies and organisations located in the Düsseldorf region, providing high academic quality combined with a strong practical orientation. Thus, the MBA courses naturally meet all the requirements for international MBA programmes, which is confirmed by the seal of approval we received from the international accreditation agency FIBAA.

If you would like to apply, send us your application documents consisting of your completed application form, your brief curriculum vitae with passport photo, certified copies of your transcript of records as well as your degree certificate and proof of at least two years of work experience. For more information concerning financing, the detailed structure of the courses or the application process, please visit our website.

Required documents

  • 01

    Application form
    MBA "General Management“

  • 02

    Short curriculum vitae with passport photo

  • 03

    Legally certified copy of transcript of records

  • 04

    Legally certified copy of degree certificate

  • 05

    Proof of at least two years of work experience before the begin of MBA studies


The necessary know-how and course contents are divided into four consecutive study sections:

Requirements of the MBA with university degree:
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