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Several factors are crucial for the successful completion of the MBA programme and as a basis for converting acquired knowledge and skills into business practice:

Excellence in formation and execution of courses of study which are well-founded theoretically and practically relevant; these are ensured by a team of experienced teachers from university and business, as well as the application of the latest teaching and learning methods.

Flexibility for students; above all, this concerns the students’ opportunity, through extra-occupational studies, to balance study periods with working periods. Flexibility is additionally reflected in elective subjects and variants within the curriculum.

The economic environment in which studies take place, the city of Düsseldorf with its numerous business activities, especially in forward-looking branches, ensures the dynamic environment.

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The HHU Ideas Competition is a competition to identify and support high potential, creative and innovative ideas. Students, graduates, scientists and employees at HHU, its institutes and UKD are invited to participate in the HHU Ideas Competition in 2020!
We regularly offer information evenings about our English language MBA programme “General Management”.
Rheinische Post writes in its article why an additional course of study with MBA degree is valuable especially for non-business graduates and important for their professional development.
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