MBA for engineers

MBA for engineers – part-time in Düsseldorf

Our MBA programme for engineers perfectly prepares you for all business requirements in senior management and is thus ideal for current as well as future managers. With the MBA programme, you can take your interdisciplinary skills regarding corporate management, corporate law, controlling, accounting, human resources management, business law and marketing to an academic level.

The business and management knowledge taught in our MBA courses is necessary for engineers who want to take on management responsibility. In order to cover the wide range of requirements for the various engineering fields, we offer you a broad, application-oriented curriculum based on a varied combination of theory and practice.

Part-time MBA for engineers

To enable you to complete the MBA at Düsseldorf Business School while pursuing your engineering job, the programme is part-time. The courses of the 21-month programme are divided into four study sections with a total of eight compulsory modules and one compulsory elective module. They usually take place on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Thus you have the opportunity to apply the learned material directly in your professional life. Among other things, the programme covers topics such as technical and application-oriented business administration, production and production chain management as well as time management, human resources strategies and executive management.

The variety of topics helps to prepare for the assessments (e.g. exams, term papers, presentations, solutions of case studies and oral examinations). With these intermediate assessments or the individual study sections, you collect necessary credit points for admission to the final Master Thesis. The credit points are evaluated according to the credit point system of the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS). After successfully completing the MBA for Engineers, you will be awarded the Master of Business Administration by Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

MBA for engineers? Apply now!

If you have already decided to complete our MBA for engineers, please send us your application documents in triplicate as soon as possible. These consist of the MBA application form, your short curriculum vitae with passport photo, legally certified copies of your transcript of records and degree certificate and proof of at least two years of work experience prior to the start of the MBA programme. If you have any questions about the MBA for engineers or Düsseldorf Business School in general, please find more information on our website. You are also welcome to contact us for personal information.

Required documents

  • 01

    Application form
    MBA "General Management“

  • 02

    Short curriculum vitae with passport photo

  • 03

    Legally certified copy of transcript of records

  • 04

    Legally certified copy of degree certificate

  • 05

    Proof of at least two years of work experience before the begin of MBA studies

The necessary know-how and course contents are divided into four consecutive study sections:

Requirements of the MBA with university degree:
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If you still have questions, for example about individual details of the process or about the application, you will find on our website detailed information on these and many other topics. You are welcome to You us an E-Mail to write or call us:
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