MBA degree

MBA „General Management“: master´s degree in 21 months

You want to acquire new skills in the fields of human resources and business management, business administration and general management or raise your existing know-how to an academic level? Then we recommend our MBA study programme “General Management” at Düsseldorf Business School. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is awarded by Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

On the way to your MBA degree, you will plunge into fields such as accounting, controlling, marketing, financing, tax law, human resources strategies and business law. However – creativity, information management, time management, teamwork, social media handling and interculturality of the participants are also promoted in the four study sections. The part-time programme takes place over a period of 21 months, so that it is not necessary to take time off from work.

MBA degree in just 21 months – part-time

Those willing to get their MBA degree can expect a structured study programme that includes academic training in theory and practice as well as sufficient study-free periods (for example, public school holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia are academic holidays) to prepare and review the learned material. During the attendance period, lectures take place on Fridays between 6:15 pm and 9:30 pm and on Saturdays between 09:00 am and 4:30 pm, respectively. You will be awarded the MBA degree after 21 months. The programme is divided into four sections containing a total of eight compulsory modules (16 compulsory courses) and one elective module (two optional courses) and ends with the completion of the Master’s thesis.

Master of Business Administration (MBA): Master’s thesis as the final examination for the second academic degree

In order to get your MBA degree at Düsseldorf Business School, you have to meet a number of requirements: In principle, anyone with a diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, university qualification or an equivalent degree in any subject from a German or foreign university can apply. However, our programme is aimed in particular at academics with a degree in non-economic studies as well as graduates in economics with a few years of professional experience. During your studies, various assessments have to be taken in the form of exams, term papers, presentations, case studies and oral examinations. These are required to collect the necessary credit points for admission to the Master´s thesis – according to the credit point system of the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS). The Master’s thesis should contain approximately 40 pages and preferably deals with a topic from the participant´s work environment.

Required documents

  • 01

    Application form
    MBA "General Management“

  • 02

    Short curriculum vitae with passport photo

  • 03

    Legally certified copy of transcript of records

  • 04

    Legally certified copy of degree certificate

  • 05

    Proof of at least two years of work experience before the begin of MBA studies

Your contact person
Dipl.-Kff. Helen Steinrück

The necessary know-how and course contents are divided into four consecutive study sections:

Requirements of the MBA with university degree:
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