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Tax deduction options

Tax aspects

  • If the studies are not conducted in the predominantly business interest of the employer, but in the interest of the participant, the fees are tax-deductible as income-related expenses from the participant’s income from dependent work.
  • If the studies are conducted in the predominantly business interest of the employer and paid by him, the fees can be deducted as business expenses from the taxable income of the employer.

Calculate your possible tax savings!

Just enter your data from your German “Lohnsteuerbescheinigung” and calculate your possible tax savings.

= 0 €
Tax Rate
= 0 %
Tuition fee + reservation fee
28 950,00 €
Tax savings
= 0,00 €

Note: This is only a rough example calculation. Düsseldorf Business School cannot provide you with tax advice and therefore cannot accept any liability for the figures calculated here!