MBA part-time

MBA (Master of Business Administration) part-time in Germany

With our Master of Business Administration (MBA) we address academics with a bachelor´s degree or master´s degree in non-economic fields. Since a professional experience of at least two years is part of the MBA admission requirements, we deliberately don´t want to pull you out of your job. It´s quite the opposite: We want to give you the opportunity to combine further higher education and fundamental, practical experience. Thus, lectures take place on Fridays between 6:15 pm and 9:30 pm and on Saturdays between 09:00 am and 4:30 pm. Interesting note for parents: Public school holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, are academic holidays.

Part-time MBA in Germany

Our part-time MBA in Germany is particularly aimed at executives and management employees who wish to deepen their analytical skills and know-how in business management. Study duration is 21 months. The programme is divided into eight compulsory modules comprising 16 compulsory courses and one elective module comprising two optional courses. Since we know the particular challenges of a part-time MBA programme, we support our students in Germany with easily reachable lecturers, among other things. The so-called networking effect is perceived positively as well: The programme brings together many experts from various industries under one roof.

MBA in Germany: course contents

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme not only offers know-how in accounting, marketing, controlling, commercial law, tax law and human resources strategies, but also expertise in information management, time management, teamwork, creativity, social media handling and interculturality. The aim of the part-time MBA is to broaden economic knowledge, economically-shaped thinking and acting abilities as well as business and management skills. Since the programme is part-time, you can immediately turn your acquired theoretical knowledge into practice.


In study sections three and four, two elective courses are added. Elective courses are offered in various fields of business and economics.

The final examination of the Master of Business Administration programme consists of a Master Thesis of about 40 pages. The topic should preferably be chosen from the students’ work environment.

In addition, the MBA courses are supported by well-known companies and organisations located in the Düsseldorf region, providing high academic quality combined with a strong practical orientation. Thus, the MBA courses naturally meet all the requirements for international MBA programmes, which is confirmed by the seal of approval we received from the international accreditation agency FIBAA.

Required documents

  • 01

    Application form
    MBA "General Management“

  • 02

    Short curriculum vitae with passport photo

  • 03

    Legally certified copy of transcript of records

  • 04

    Legally certified copy of degree certificate

  • 05

    Proof of at least two years of work experience before the begin of MBA studies

The necessary know-how and course contents are divided into four consecutive study sections:

Requirements of the MBA with university degree:
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