Part-time MBA

Part-time MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme

The Master of Business Administration leads people to a management position who want to deepen their analytical skills and economic know-how. Part-time MBA means that you can take part in class sessions alongside your professional life. Lectures take place on Fridays between 6:15 pm and 9:30 pm and on Saturdays between 09:00 am and 4:30 pm, respectively. For us it is important to offer you MBA part-time courses that give you the opportunity to further your education without taking a break from your job.

Flexible part-time MBA at Düsseldorf Business School

The 21-month-programme “General Management” is divided into four sections with different key aspects. Besides the required modules, our elective modules aim at a subsequent differentiation. Since we are aware of the challenges that a part-time MBA programme offers, we support our students by ensuring that our lecturers are highly responsive. Furthermore, school holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia are also academic holidays, while numerous self-study-periods are intended to perform follow-up course work. Of course, the combination of work and study takes time, energy and endurance, but is worth the effort – especially as we do everything we can to ensure that your professional activity is affected as little as possible. The so-called networking effect is always appreciated by our students as very positive as well.

Is the Part-time MBA tax deductible?

The tuition fee for the Master of Business Administration is about 28,500 €, with an additional reservation fee of 450 € payable upon admission. Regarding the financing volume, we would like to give you the following information:

  1. With income from employment, the full amount of the part-time MBA costs is deductible as income-related expenses when determining your income. The discharge amount is calculated by multiplying your personal tax rate with the MBA costs.
  2. Should your employer finance the part-time MBA programme proportionately or in full, he can set them off as business expenses.

Master of Business Administration: Contents

With our part-time MBA, you not only broaden your knowledge in economic fields such as accounting, controlling, marketing, tax law, commercial law and human resources. You also gain expertise in time management, information management, creativity, cultural diversity, teamwork and social media handling.

The overall aim is to optimize your economic know-how, economically-shaped thinking and acting abilities as well as management skills. We pay attention to a well-balanced combination of theory and practical exercises. Another advantage of the part-time MBA: You can transfer your theoretical know-how immediately into practice.

Accredited part-time MBA

Our part-time MBA at Düsseldorf Business School is nationally and internationally accredited and described as “impressive and exemplary” by the accreditation agency. It is possible to study in English or German language. Next to a diploma, bachelor´s degree, master’s degree or first state examination from a German university, an equivalent degree in any subject at a German or foreign university is also accepted as an admission requirement.

Required documents

  • 01

    Application form
    MBA "General Management“

  • 02

    Short curriculum vitae with passport photo

  • 03

    Legally certified copy of transcript of records

  • 04

    Legally certified copy of degree certificate

  • 05

    Proof of at least two years of work experience before the begin of MBA studies

The necessary know-how and course contents are divided into four consecutive study sections:

Requirements of the MBA with university degree:
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Do you have any questions?

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