Master Business Administration

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    Master Business  Administration

    Master business administration at Düsseldorf Business School

    Düsseldorf Business School offers a 21-month master in business administration, which was especially designed for people who are university-trained but do not have any formal education in the fields of economics and business administration. Building on their practical experience in business-related fields this program offers prospective students the opportunity to enhance their managerial skills by a concise and systematic study of this important subject.

    Master business administration: methods

    The master business administration at Düsseldorf Business School aims primarily at developing practical skills by using active learning and teaching methods. These include case studies, business planning games and role-playing exercises as well as classroom discussions, which all contribute to generating a high level of active contribution from the participants. The master thesis to be written by students will draw on the skills and methods acquired in both the classroom and through self-study.

    Master business administration: application

    If you would like to apply for the master in business administration, you are required to submit an application consisting of several documents. First, an application form, which can be downloaded from the website of Düsseldorf Business School, has to be filled in and signed. In addition to the form you have to send in legally attested copies of your degrees, an application essay, a reference letter, a curriculum vitae and proof of English proficiency if you apply for the English language master business administration.

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