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    Executive MBA University

    Executive MBA at university level

    Düsseldorf Business School offers an executive MBA at university level. The program is offered in two versions at the executive MBA university. The first option is to take all lessons in German, the second one consists of having only English-speaking classes. If you opt for the second MBA program, you will have to prove your proficiency either by having a degree from an English-speaking university or by taking an exam such as TOEFL or IELTS.

    Executive MBA at university: course structure

    The executive MBA at university has a clear structure. There are eight compulsory modules and two elective courses. The compulsory modules consist of four main sections. The first of these deals with the basics of business administration while the second one takes an in-depth look at processes and financial management. The third and fourth sections of the executive MBA at university examine value and environment and strategies and integration management respectively.

    Executive MBA at university: use of libraries

    Students who have enrolled for the executive MBA at university have unlimited access to the University and State Library Düsseldorf, a large academic library with a comprehensive collection of works in nearly every field.

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