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    Accredited MBA

    Accredited MBA program at Düsseldorf Business School

    At Düsseldorf Business School, which is associated with the prestigious Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf and its faculty of economics and business administration, students can enroll for an accredited MBA program. The MBA program is accredited by FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, which bestows the seal of the German Accreditation Council for academic programs. The German language equivalent of the English language MBA course is also accredited by FIBAA.

    Accredited MBA program: flexibility

    The accredited MBA program at Düsseldorf Business School gives students the opportunity to combine their work and study. Designed as a part-time course it is aimed specifically at people who would like to study alongside working in their full-time jobs. This is why we offer courses on evenings of weekdays as well as on Saturday mornings. The accredited MBA program thus allows you to integrate your studies into your daily routine.

    Accredited MBA program: excellence

    The people at Düsseldorf Business School are of course aware that there is strong competition in the field of accredited MBA programs offered by economics departments and business schools the world over. This is why they are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of instruction and learning, which are achieved on the one hand through applying the most advanced teaching and learning methodology and on the other hand by employing lecturers from a wide range of backgrounds. The success of the accredited MBA program depends to a fairly large extent on having both research lecturers and lecturers from the business world who contribute practical knowledge.

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