Part time MBA colleges

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    Part time MBA colleges

    Part time MBA colleges in Germany

    There are many part time MBA colleges in Germany. The idea behind this is to give people working full-time the opportunity to enroll for a study program. Part time MBA colleges allow students to combine their work schedules with their studies. At Düsseldorf Business School, for example, classes take place in the evening hours on weekdays and on Saturday mornings.

    Part time MBA colleges: accreditation

    Part time MBA colleges as well as their full-time counterparts are accredited by a number of organizations. Düsseldorf Business School is accredited by FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, which bestows the seal of the German Accreditation Council for academic programs. The German language equivalent of the English language MBA is also accredited by FIBAA.

    Part time MBA colleges: methods

    Most part time MBA colleges aim primarily at developing practical skills and Düsseldorf Business School is no exception in this respect. By using active learning and teaching methods, part time MBA colleges like Düsseldorf Business School try to enhance their students’ interaction in business situations. Methods include case studies, business planning games, role-playing exercises and classroom discussions. The final thesis at the end of the 21-month program will draw to a large degree on the skills and methods thus acquired.

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