MBA courses are cancelled until April 20!


Dear MBA students


Unfortunately, the corona pandemic also has an impact on your MBA studies. As you may have heard during the course of the day, the Ministry of Science and the universities have decided to postpone the start of lectures in the summer semester initially until April 20, in order to help to avoid crowds of people and thus slow down the speed at which the virus spreads. This decision would not affect the Düsseldorf Business School in essence, but all courses already in progress from Monday, 16 March to initially 20 April must also be cancelled. This also affects your courses!


We ask for your understanding that we have not yet set up new schedules. This was not yet possible this afternoon and certainly requires a better planning reliability than it is given today. However, we are confident that we will soon be able to reschedule and that there will be no delays in the course of studies. Possibly the lecturers will already be talking to you today about initial ideas for dealing with courses that have already started but not yet been completed. However, final solutions will take some time. We ask for your patience and understanding.


Best regards


Prof. Dr. Christoph Börner
Managing Director
Düsseldorf Business School