Masters programs in Germany

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    Masters programs in Germany

    Masters programs in Germany as an opportunity

    Düsseldorf Business School offers masters programs in Germany as an opportunity to enhance economic knowledge and managerial skills. The rapid changes in society and markets leave increasingly shorter intervals of time in which to bring knowledge up to date rendering life-long learning an essential key to success in the modern business world. DBA tries to accommodate this fact by offering masters programs in Germany to people without prior experience or knowledge of economics and business studies.

    Masters programs in Germany: two options

    You can choose between two masters programs at Düsseldorf Business School: a German-language one or an English-language one. All courses and seminars will be held in the respective language, so in order to be able to follow the English MBA program, you will have to make sure your knowledge of the English language is good enough for communication at university level. You have to submit proof of your proficiency when applying for a place in this version of the masters programs in Germany.

    Masters programs in Germany at Düsseldorf Business School

    Düsseldorf Business School has been offering masters programs in Germany since its inception in 2003. Each year two study programs are open to students from all over the world. The number of participants is however limited to 25 students per course in order to maintain the high standards of the masters programs.

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