Master in Business Administration

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    Master in Business Administration

    Master in business administration

    Düsseldorf Business School offers a master in business administration, consisting of eight compulsory modules and two elective courses. The compulsory modules are organized into four main sections. The first section deals with the basics of the world of business while the second one examines the processes and financial management involved in business administration. The third and fourth sections have as their course subjects value and environment and strategies and integration management respectively.

    Master in business administration: teaching objectives

    The master in business administration, which you can enroll for at Düsseldorf Business School, aims primarily at optimizing your knowledge of economics and management skills. These goals can be described more specifically as understanding economically motivated behavior, analyzing business problems and finding solutions using the latest methodology and research.

    Master in business administration: excellence

    Düsseldorf Business School tries to excel at everything they do, the master in business administration offered being no exception. This is why they are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of instruction and learning, which are achieved on the one hand through applying the most advanced teaching and learning methodology and on the other hand by employing lecturers from a wide range of backgrounds. The success of the master in business administration depends to a fairly large extent on having both research lecturers and lecturers from the business world who contribute practical knowledge.

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