Executive MBA Programs

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    Executive MBA Programs

    Executive MBA programs at Düsseldorf Business School

    There are many executive MBA programs offered by universities and business schools in Germany. The executive MBA programs taught at Düsseldorf Business School stand out insofar as Düsseldorf Business School is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of instruction and learning. This aim is reached on the one hand by applying the most advanced teaching and learning methods and on the other hand by employing lecturers from a wide range of backgrounds, i. e. both research lecturers and lecturers who work in business administration.

    Executive MBA programs and their flexibility

    The executive MBA programs at Düsseldorf Business School allow students to coordinate their workload with their studies. This is why the executive MBA programs are designed as part-time courses. They are aimed specifically at people who would like to study alongside their jobs. Accordingly, courses are offered on evenings of weekdays as well as on Saturday mornings.

    Executive MBA programs: tuition fees

    If you have enrolled for the executive MBA programs, you have to pay 28500 Euro, which includes books and study materials. The tuition fees are to be payed in 21 instalments. In addition to this there is also the possibility of financing the sum via the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, with which the MBA business school has arranged an agreement.

    Would you like to learn more about Düsseldorf Business School?

    Then you should visit our website http://www.duesseldorf-business-school.de and read all about our MBA programs.

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