Executive MBA Degree

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    Executive MBA Degree

    Executive MBA degree at Düsseldorf Business School

    Düsseldorf Business School offers an executive MBA degree to university-trained people who have at least three years of experience in a relevant field of work. It aims at providing these individuals with both the theoretical knowledge, i. e. the methodology, and the practical knowledge, i. e. the skills needed to further their career in management. Keeping ahead of new developments in this quickly changing area is crucial to gaining leadership positions.

    Executive MBA degree: excellence

    The executive MBA degree is characterized by high teaching standards that are reflected in the structure of the course as well as its contents and the materials used, which are based on the latest methodology and research. In addition to this, it is the school’s policy to employ lecturers from both the academic and business worlds for its executive MBA degree.

    Executive MBA degree: accreditation

    The executive MBA degree at Düsseldorf Business School has been accredited by FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, which awards institutions of higher education with the seal of the German Accreditation Council for academic programs. The German version of the executive MBA degree has been accredited by FIBAA too.

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