and structure of DBS

Düsseldorf Business School was created through close partnership with the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics of Heinrich Heine University. It is supported by renowned companies and organizations in the Düsseldorf area, the Heinrich Heine University, and faculty professors. This structure is unique in advanced business training and further education in Germany.

For more than 18 years, a close connection with partners in the business world has distinguished the position and development of DBS. DBS integrates high intellectual quality with strong practical application. Degrees from MBA studies are awarded by Heinrich Heine University, which ensures a university-level academic graduation with international recognition.

The ongoing involvement of our private sector partners in the further development of the programme guarantees that the knowledge and competencies being taught are immediately professionally relevant. The courses of DBS clearly fulfill the international requirements set forth for MBA programmes. Our programme has also received approval from FIBAA, the international accreditation agency.

Several factors are crucial for the successful completion of the MBA programme and as a basis for converting acquired knowledge and skills into business practice:

  • Excellence in formation and execution of courses of study which are well-founded theoretically and practically relevant; these are ensured by a team of experienced teachers from university and business, as well as the application of the latest teaching and learning methods.
  • Flexibility for students; above all, this concerns the students’ opportunity, through extra-occupational studies, to balance study periods with working periods. Flexibility is additionally reflected in elective subjects and variants within the curriculum.
  • The economic environment in which studies take place, the city of Düsseldorf with its numerous business activities, especially in forward-looking branches, ensures the dynamic environment


The most important requirement for successful study is a selection of courses and programmes with the highest standards of instruction and learning.

This is ensured by practically structured courses and by instructional material that corresponds to management requirements and is based on the newest research results.

We pride ourselves on having both lecturers who do application orientated research and lecturers from the business world who contribute their knowledge of practical issues.

Finally, instructional excellence is assured by the most advanced teaching and learning methodology designed for the advanced training of practically experienced participants. In particular, this means the use of active learning methods such as work groups, case studies, role play and business games, as well as direct access to the internet in the classrooms.

  • in the many specialized areas of study
  • in the instruction by lecturers from both academic and practical backgrounds
  • in research-based learning material
  • in the most advanced teaching and learning methodologies
  • in organization and execution
  • in individual support service


Success in MBA studies is guaranteed through flexibility in a temporal as well as material sense.

The development of knowledge must accommodate work schedules. Düsseldorf Business School therefore offers study programmes that consistently run compatible to work schedules. The courses take place during Friday evening hours and on Saturdays.

In order to serve the different needs of participants, this part-time MBA programme also offers elective courses.

  • to work in your job while developing your knowledge
  • to choose among various options and variants in the curriculum

The combination of learning and teaching methods is designed to establish and improve profound knowledge of practical relevance for professionally active managers. For this reason, active teaching methods where students are working in small groups are especially important.

The master thesis requires participants to apply the tools and methods which were discussed in order to reach practical solutions.

Learning methods

  • Lectures and discussions
  • moderated group work, discussions, and presentations
  • group analysis of case studies
  • role-playing
  • business planning games
  • workshops
  • individual study, homework/assignments
  • master thesis

Company seminars - further professional development

Business knowledge and leadership skills are necessary qualifications for employees in all fields. In times of ever-changing business environments, the necessity of lifelong learning is clear, but it does not always seem achievable in day-to-day reality. Based on many years of experience, Düsseldorf Business School can compile a customized seminar offer for your company. Our focus is on teaching business and corporate management skills to managers without previous business training. However, we can also offer custom-fit business themes. We would be happy to provide our references upon request.

Our references
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